guttabeta star

Special dimpled membranes with the high-tensile drainage membrane and filter fleece
  • high pressure resistance
  • highly resistant to cracks
  • abrasion resistant
  • free of decay
  • toxicologically harmless
  • no action on drinking water
  • impact resistant, elastic
  • resistant to chemicals
  • impact resistant and fracture resistant
Applikation examples
  • Foundation wall protection
  • Protection of the foundation wall sealing
  • Drainage systems
  • inding layers
  • Floor screed underlayers
  • Component of terrace garden concepts
  • Drainage of cellar walls

guttabeta® drain is a special dimpled membrane with laminated filter fleece for the highest performance. The filter fleece, made of tear-proof and decay-resistant polypropylene, prevents the dimpled structure from being filled with slurry. At the same time the membrane’s drainage channels always stay clear. This results in an efficient dewatering process and a continuously clear air chamber that permits more seepage water to drain than regular dimpled membranes.

  • Foundation wall protection when sealed with bitumen coating or waterproofing slurries
  • Laminated, decay-resistant filter fleece prevents the membrane channels from being filled with slurry
  • Drainage systems for waterproof floors or slopes
  • Suitable for perimeter insulations
Technische Daten
of membran: HDPE (High density polyethylene)
of webbing: Polyproylen endless fiber
of membran: black
of webbing: grey
Compression restistance
tested according CE standard EN 13252:2000/A1:2005
approx. 230 kN/m² (23 t/m²)
Stud height
about 8 mm
Studs per
1860 piece/m²
Air volume between studs
about 5,3 l/m²
Drainage ability
approx. 2.29 l/s/m (8244 l/h/m)
Temperature reistance
- 40°C til + 80°C
Roll sizes in m
2,0 x 20
Pallet units
6 Rolls

Technical changes reserved, measure tolerance 4%, protect from ultraviolet radiation

guttabeta cover profile
for covering the upper
edge of the dimpled membrane, brown
Length 2000 mm
Width 80 mm
Height 15 mm
guttabeta PE assembly head
for attachment to the dimpled
membrane using steel nails
upper width 7mm,
lower width 16 mm,
borehole ø 3 mm
guttabeta PE assembly dowels
for attachment to guttabeta vlies and vlies plus
Lenght 80 mm
Plate ø 53 mm
Butyl tape, black
for attachment to the dimpled membrane in the overlapping area
Length 15 m
Width 15 mm
guttabeta PT профил
за фиксиране на guttabeta PT лист с мазилката
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