Effect sheets

Hi-tech optics for furniture, interior fittings and handicrafts with strong adhesive backing.

  • strong adhesion
  • modern designs
  • wide variety of patterns
  • low weight
  • bendable sheets
  • easy to use
Application examples
  • Kitchen fronts
  • Furniture
  • Protection borders
  • Door fronts
  • ... and your idea!

guttagliss effect sheets com- 4 steps to a wonderful finish bine the traditional optics of real metal with the easy-to-use advantages of lighter and thinner plastic sheets.

The multifunctional sheets are impact resistant, bendable and very easy to use. They can be cut on the decorated side with a cutter or a small saw and it’s no trouble to drill or punch them.

With their strong adhesive backing, guttagliss effect sheets adhere well to nearly all types of flat underlay without bubbling. Suitable profiles are available for sheet connections or closures.

The light, decorated sheets can be used, for example, on facings and infills on interior fittings, for renovations or to jazz up the front of furniture and doors.
Interesting styles can be created in camper vans or mobile homes using guttagliss effect sheets. Moreover, your creativity will know almost no bounds when it comes to handicrafts.

guttagliss effect sheets are a professional furniture industry product, which we first made available to DIY enthusiasts. However, home improvement professionals such as joiners, interior designers or booth builders also appreciate the versatility and simplicity of the sheets.

The sheets are also suitable for bathrooms. Direct contact with water should, however, be avoided.

guttagliss effect sheets cannot be used as floor coverings, for work surfaces or outside.

Technische Daten
Sheet dimensions
650 x 1000 mm (mirror flex 650 x 980 mm)
Plate width
1 - 2,1 mm
special coated polystyrol (HIPS)
0.7 mm per m in length with 10°C temperature increase

The objects shown here are only impression of possible applications and can deviate in details from our processing directives.

Преглед на продуктите

Modern and traditional - flat or 3D

Our selection covers a wide range of high-quality surfaces

brushed silver
punched squares
brushed silver /
transparent punched
circles 3D
brushed silver /
silver film embossing
squares 3D blue
brushed silver /
blue film embossing
Spiegel flex
silber reflektierend / biegsam eingeschnitten
small wave
Stainless steel optics
brushed / embossed
Relief height about 1,2 mm
embossed squares
Stainless steel optics
brushed / embossed
Relief height about 1,9 mm
3D diamonds
silver / grey
brushed silver
Relief height about 1,3 mm
Leather black
Leather optics
Relief height about 2,1 mm
guttagliss Effect profile
shiny silver
brushed silver or
stainless steel optics
1060 x 22 mm
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