gartentec aluminium greenhouse

The aluminium greenhouse with the patented connection! Stabile, space saving, safe to transport and easy to assemble
Описание на продукта

  • 6 mm thick special hollow chamber panels
  • 73 cm wheelbarrow wide opening
  • Two-part Door


Ergonomically designed door handles
Stabile stand through thick ground sections
Extra strong sections in the ridge area
Roof gutter with drainage support
Without glass retaining clips – Simply push in, finished!
Технически данни
Typ F22-cell
AreaLengthWidthEaves heightRidge heightRoof window
3,55 m²154 cm227 cm130 cm200 cm1
Typ F33-cell
AreaLengthWidthEaves heightRidge heightRoof window
5,24 m²228 cm227 cm130 cm200 cm1
Typ F44-cell
AreaLengthWidthEaves heightRidge heightRoof window
6,90 m²300 cm227 cm130 cm200 cm1
Typ F55-cell
AreaLengthWidthEaves heightRidge heightRoof window
8,58 m²373 cm227 cm130 cm200 cm2
Typ F66-cell
AreaLengthWidthEaves heightRidge heightRoof window
10,30 m²448 cm227 cm130 cm200 cm2

automatic window opener
fits Typ F2 up to F6
gardentec work table
Length 78 mm
Width 68 mm
with 6 mm Twinwall sheets
fits Typ F2 up to F6
gardentec alu shelf board
Length 81 cm
Width 24 cm
with 6mm Twinwall sheets
fits Typ F2 up to F6
Roof window (additional)
Length 65 cm
Width 73 cm
fits Typ F2 up to F6
gardentec aluminum foundation
fits Typ F2 up to F6
Schattiermatte grün mit Ösen
Wirkung ca. 60 %
Länge 580 cm
Breite 150 cm

Fifteen-year warranty for the design and aluminium profiles as well as ten years for all PC panels in respect to discoloration. The warranty period begins on the date of the invoice.

During the warranty period, we will remedy all functional errors in the greenhouse that are verifiably caused by a faulty construction or material errors.

Any necessary replacement parts are free of charge, as is the incidental work time.

Exclusion: The warranty claim does not cover natural wear and tear or transport damages, nor environmental damages caused by hail, wind or the weight of snow, nor damages caused by non-compliance with the installation instructions or an improper installation. The manufacturer is not liable for indirect secondary and asset damages.

For all greenhouses without accessories or decoration. Subject to colour or size deviations, etc., within the customary tolerances. Comply with the local construction regulations.

Our recommendations do not release customers from the duty to inspect the product on their own responsibility. In case of doubt, please consult a specialist.