guttagliss glazing foils

Crystal clear visibility with guttagliss primus and guttagliss solair-extra.
Описание на продукта

  • highly transparent
  • inexpensive
  • fracture-proof
  • ar-resistant
  • smooth surface
  • easy to clean
Application examples
  • Cold frames
  • Greenhouses
  • Breeding tunnels
  • Model-making
  • temporary glazings
  • ... and your idea

guttagliss are made of highly transparent materials with closed surface. They are tear-resistant and resistant to most chemicals, with the exception of caustic and acidic substances.

guttagliss primus is an easy-to-process plastic track made of PVC, which can be used in the exterior only for a limited period of time.

guttagliss solair-extra is made of recyclable PET (Polyclear), an eco-friendly basic material which is also used in food packaging.

guttagliss glazing foils are printable, they don’t splinter or crack and are easy to process. They offer a wide range of applications, reaching from glass gilding to wind guards and even small greenhouses.

guttagliss glazing foils are not suitable for roofings.

Технически данни

solair extra

Temperature stability
-18 up to +70°C
1,00 x 50 m
1,25 x 50 m


Temperature stability
-10 up to +60°C
1,00 x 35 m
1,25 x 30 m
1,50 x 30 m

The objects shown here are only impression of possible applications and can deviate in details from our processing directives.