guttagliss easy click

the double-leaf panels with click-and-lock assembly for roof and walls made of polycarbonate

  • weather-resistant
  • rain-proof
  • hailstone-resistant
  • no expensive assembly profile necessary
  • easy to install
  • provides good insulation
  • highly flame-resistant
  • temperature-resistant
  • doesn’t splinter or crack
Application examples
  • Roofings from 3° (5.3%)
  • sheet roofing (laths can stay!)
  • Canopies and intermediate ceilings
  • Carports
  • Partition walls
  • Greenhouses
  • Wintergärten

guttagliss easy-click plus hollow-chamber panels made of polycarbonate are the right choice for you, if you want to quickly, safely and economically construct a frameless row of windows, or a vision and wind guard, or even if you want to cover a roof surface.

Since the guttagliss easy-click plus hollow-chamber panels can be laid on cross laths, they are best suited for replacing older, unattractive corrugated sheet roofing. The existing sub-structure can usually be kept.The German TV station RTL, for example, used guttagliss easy-click hollow-chamber panels to roof the RTL summer garden at the international radio and television exhibition in Berlin.

The panels are co-extruded (additional, long-term surface protection against UV rays). This top side is protected by a protective sheet which must be removed after being assembled. The panels are available in clear and bronce.

guttagliss easy-click plus panels are made from highly impact-resistant polycarbonate. They provide good heat insulation thanks to the hollow chamber.

Apart from wall glazing, the click connection with overlapping lip permits usage for the roof from a 3° gradient upwards.

It is absolutely essential that you note our installation instructions, so as not to have a negative effect on the service life of the panels. Before starting with the installation, please read the complete instructions. For best results only our original guttagliss installation accessories should be used.

Bitte beachten Sie unbedingt unsere Verlegehinweise, um die Lebensdauer der Platten nicht zu beeinträchtigen. Lesen Sie diese vor Beginn der Verlegung vollständig durch und verwenden Sie für die Montage nur unser original guttagliss Verlegezubehör!

Technische Daten

Thickness in mm
Length in mm
2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 5000, 6000
Element width in mm
Covering width in mm
clear and bronce
Weight kg/m²
ca. 2,5
U-value W/m² °C
Bending modulus of elasticity
2200 N/mm³
Coefficient of expansion
0,065 mm/m °C
about 71% clear, about 45% bronce
Temperature stability
from -40°C up to +120°C
(extremely impact resistant) Brief load up to 130°C
Fire class
highly flame-resistant
application for DIN 4102

The objects shown here are only impression of possible applications and can deviate in details from our processing directives.

easy click plus screw
galvanized, 4.0x40mm
Aluminum U profile 16 mm
high grade aluminum profile
silver anodized
for panel ends
Width: 24 mm
Height: 19 mm
Aluminum U profile with mounting strap 16 mm
– across –
High grade aluminum profile
silver anodized
for panel attachment on the roof edge
Aluminum H profile 16 mm
High grade aluminum profile
silver anodized
for panel connections in the wall, across the hollow chamber
Aluminum U profile 16 mm
with mounting strap
– lengthwise –
High grade aluminum profile
silver anodized
for the most diverse panel attachments
Aluminum U profile 16 mm with mounting strap
– across –
High grade aluminum profile
silver anodized
for panel attachment on the roof edge
Aluminum corner profile 16 mm
high grade aluminum profile
silver anodized
for the most divers panel corner connections
Ridging Profile
with 2 drawn-in
light-grey sealing lips
Side length: 80 mm
Width: 160 mm
Height: 40 mm
Aluminum wall connector
for flexible wall connections
with light gray sealing lip
with about an 8-18 degree incline
Side covers for aluminum wall connection profile
Set includes 2 panels
and 4 screws
Silver duct tape
60 mm x 50 m
Special silicon
310 ml cartridge
for sealing and bonding
compatible with plastic
Edge closing band
Self-adhesive, 38 mm x 15 m
silver with membrane
Plastic flat washer
ø 6 mm inside
ø 16 mm outside

On our guttagliss easy-click twin wall panels, we will offer 10 years warranty as of the date of sale, against damage due to weather conditions and hail stones, and above average loss of translucency.

The complete terms of warranty, especially the pre-requisites and limitations can be found in our downloads' section under the relevant product.

The terms of warranty can be sent in printed form.